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My world & welcome to it!

Ok, so I borrowed from James Thurber just a little,  but you are truly welcome to scroll through about 20 years of creative goodness.

From the first children's book to Late Bloomer-

a graphic autobiography- its been quite a ride.  Feel free to email any questions. Thanks for stopping by.


IMG_0685 2.jpeg

PS: LATE BLOOMER now available on Amazon!,aps,106&sr=8-1


Claudia Julian is a New York artist with Brooklyn roots who has created (both traditionally & digitally), a varied portfolio of graphic design, theatre sets, portraits, children's books, and merchandise featuring licensed & original cartoon characters. She now spends a great deal of time drawing cartoons in little boxes-a skill acquired while earning her B.F.A. at New York's School of Visual Arts. She resides in Toronto, Canada with her husband photographer Paul Till, and Sparky the cat.

photo by Paul Till.


School of Visual Arts, NY. 

B.F.A. (Media Arts)

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